Young investigators Award


To increase new investigator’s competitive edge by providing funding for the development of a full research proposal and/or a pilot study in preparation for external grant funding applications such as CIHR, SSHRC, FQRSC, etc.


Four $5,000 grants for 2007-2008

Two in Quebec and two in other Canadian provinces

The applicant must send a 2 page report of activity at the end of the funded year

Applicants must hold a PhD received 5 years or less during the 2007-2008 year.

The applicant must be part of the SVR team as a collaborator or affiliate researcher (the applicant may apply for an affiliate status and then send his application).    

The applicant must be working in the field of Sexual and Gender Diversity: Vulnerability and Resilience

The applicant must use the funding to complete a pilot study or prepare a full application for external funding. External funding applications should be for a minimum of $75,000.

Applicants cannot be currently funded by another grant to prepare the application or conduct the pilot study.

Applications must be submitted by Nov 30, 2007, and must include the following documents:

1. Full CIHR validated CV
2. Proof of appointment within a recognized educational institution
3. Research experience and accomplishments (1.5 pages)
4. Summary of the project (2 pages)
5. A letter of support by a senior investigator on the SVR team

Send your dossier to:

Matthew Numer

C115-B Clinical Research Centre
5849 University Avenue
Halifax, NS B3H 4H7