About Our Logo

Level 1

The SVR logo makes reference to the gay pride symbol – the rainbow colors – by using the same sequence of six primary and secondary colors. It affirms the diversity of the people who are a part of this movement. It speaks of unity. Each individual forms part of the whole, thereby highlighting the group’s strength.

Level 2

The logo, with its vertical, S-shaped bodies and “X" in the centre, has a subliminal connotation or implication – that of the multilingual word "SEX". The "S" figures are moving, dancing, intersecting, colliding, touching and coming together. They are all facing the same direction and are looking to the future. They share a common goal – the goal of freedom. The "X" makes reference to the taboos that still exist in our society, despite becoming less visible and rigid. Today, those who are not in the mainstream have become more widely accepted and socially integrated.

Level 3

The logo also evokes a feeling of sprouting, harvesting, reaping the benefits of past efforts. New values have been sewn, creating new insight into sexual choices. We are finally nearing the end of years of consciousness-raising work.

A short history of the rainbow symbol

Rainbow symbol designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker.
Inaugurated in San Francisco the same year.
Became an international symbol of gay pride in 1990.
Adopted in Quebec the same year.
Prominent at gay pride festivities worldwide.
The colors were taken from the hippie movement, of which Baker was a part.
The primary goal of the symbol is the celebration of diversity and hope.
It is a declaration of strength and solidarity.

The flag was initially designed with eight colors. Over time, this was reduced to the six primary and secondary colors that are used today.

  • Red : life
  • Orange : reconciliation and healing
  • Yellow : sunlight and joie de vivre
  • Green : nature and hope
  • Blue : harmony and serenity
  • Violet : courage and spirit

(Reference: Fugues magazine, vol. 22, no. 5, August 2005)