(M.Ed. Université de Paris, 1979; Social Work 1988; Dalhousie University)

Adjunct Professor
School of Social Work
McGill University
3506 University Street, # 300
Montreal, Quebec  H3A 2A7

E-mail: wjr@videotron.ca

Research interests

Bill Ryan’s research focuses on Population Health and HIV prevention, particularly among gay and lesbian youth. He provides training for the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec on a program that he co-wrote, entitled For a New Understanding of Homosexuality; this training is provided throughout Quebec to stakeholders in the Health and Education network. He is also the founder of Montreal’s Project 10, the largest support group for young gays and lesbians in Canada. Mr. Ryan is currently working on sexual health and education projects on an international scale.

Recent publications

Here a list of the recent publications of Mr. Ryan on Homosexualities, vulnerability et resilience theme:

Brotman, S. & Ryan, B. (2004). An Intersectional Approach to Queer Health Policy and Practice: Two-Spirit People in Canada. Canadian Diversity 3(1), 59-64.

Brotman, S., Ryan, B. Cormier, R. (2003). The Health and Social Service Needs of Gay and Lesbian Elders and Their Families in Canada. The Gerontologist  43(2), 192-202.

Otis, J., Ryan, B., Bourgon, M., Girard, M-E. (2003a)  Facteurs associés aux tentatives de suicide chez les jeunes gais, lesbiennes et bisexuel-les,  The Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health  (submitted and accepted).

Otis, J., Ryan, B., Bourgon, M., Girard, M-E. (2003b)  La santé des jeunes gais, lesbiennes et bisexuel(le)s: Efficacité du programme Sain et Sauf implanté dans quatre villes canadiennes (manuscript in progress)

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