(Ph.D. Psychology 2003; University of Ottawa)

Associate professor
Department of psychology
9 Campus Drive, Arts building
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
S7N 5A5

Phone: 306 966-2564
E-mail: melanie.morrison@usask.ca

Research interests

Melanie Morrison's research interests focus on understanding the prejudice and discriminatory behaviours heterosexuals direct toward sexual minority persons.  As well, she conducts research with sexual minority persons to better document the extent to which they perceive subtle and blatant forms of prejudice and discrimination and how these experiences may affect their physical and psychological wellness.

Recent publications

Here a list of the recent publications of Mrs Morrison on Homosexualities, vulnerability et resilience theme:

Morrison, M.A., Morrison, T.G., & Franklin, R. (in press). Modern and old-fashioned homonegativity among samples of Canadian and American University students.  Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Morrison, M.A., Morrison, T.G., & Sager, C.L. (2004). Does body image satisfaction differ between gay men and lesbian women and heterosexual men and women? A meta-analytic review. Body Image: An International Journal of
Research, 1, 127-138.

Morrison, M.A., & Morrison, T.G. (2002). Development and validation of a scale measuring modern prejudice toward gay men and lesbian women. The
Journal of Homosexuality, 43(2), 15-37. 

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